five finger lighthouse
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Hidden Wall Painting Uncovered at the Lighthouse

Five Finger Lighthouse as any old building is guaranteed to hold some secrets. Last year (2007), the U.S. Coast Guard Aids to Navigation Team (ANT) removed their solar batteries from inside the lighthouse to a fiberglass hut outside the building. Our volunteer crew was then able to dismantle a temporary closet blocking a window in the living room that had housed the batteries since the mid eighties. While dismantling this space, board member Dan White discovered a treasure. Hidden behind a piece of old barn wood, a folk art type painting of Five Finger Lighthouse was revealed. The wall painting has a date of 1963. With this painting and renewed access to the window, the living area has been transformed. Thank you Sitka ANT!


Lighthouse Artist Discovered!
The Juneau Lighthouse recently received an email from Tim Harr regarding the discovery of the painting of Five Finger Lighthouse hidden behind would paneling while remodeling the interior of the lighthouse. According to Tim, this is his grandfather William Watkins who was stationed at Five Finger in the 1960's. Tim and his mother (William Watkin's daughter) provided these pictures of William actually painting the masterpiece. We plan to hang these photos next to the actual painting at the lighthouse.

William Watkins painting the lighthouse
William Watkins with his masterpiece.

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