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2015 Lighthouse News!
  Paul Sharpe, 2015 Lighthouse Keeper

2015 Lighthouse Keeper
Paul Sharpe is acting as Lighthouse Keeper at Five Finger Light for the summer of 2015. Paul has travelled the world as a freelance cameraman and editor. He has four national Emmy awards for his work on nationally broadcast programming. As a young man he was a full-time caretaker at a ranch in Colorado for many years. His unique set of skills make him a valuable addition to lighthouse staff. Paul is maintaining a blog about the summer activities at

Jennifer Klein successfully applied for an Alaska Scenic Byways Grant that allowed for us to make improvements here at the lighthouse, including better access for visitors, some interpretive signs and a full time hydrophone deployment with speakers for visitors to listen to. So far the bulk of our efforts here at Five Finger Lighthouse have gone towards the hydrophone deployment system. It's been a bit of an uphill climb to get the system functioning but as I type this I am listening live to a whale make some really cool sounds over a speaker here in the lighthouse.

Hydrophone and Whale Song Kickstarter Campaign
Paul Sharpe, the 2015 light keeper for Five Finger Lighthouse ran a Kickstarter project to help raise funds to bring online a live-streaming hydrophone that will be listening to whales and other marine life. He and Dr. Fred Sharpe along with the help of others will be working on this project. Initial funds for this project were raised by the Juneau Lighthouse Association. over $7,000 was raised with the campaign! Thank You! You can see more details about the project here.

Landing Ramp Repairs
Ed McIntosh is planning on coming out in July and we will be concentrating on creating a stairway/ladder of some sort for visitors to use. As you know, two winters ago our beautiful ramp system that allowed visitors easy access to the lighthouse at medium to high tides was destroyed by some unknown tremendous force. Speculation includes a large iceberg or a tree or trees lodging under the ramp and being pounded by winter storms. When you look at the very heavy ramp supports twisted out of place and torn off, it's obvious something very powerful took place.

photo copyright Paul Sharpe

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